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Who are we?

Host Supplies Pty Ltd has been trading since 1989 and has grown into a leading National supplier of linen products to the commercial laundry and hospitality industry. This has been achieved due to our unrelenting pursuit of excellence in Quality and Service.

We search for the most suitable products globally to meet with our customers most stringent needs including the U.S.A, U.K., China, and India. We continuously check the quality of products we buy using independent third party testing resources of the Australian Wool testing authority (AWTA) to ensure that the products we buy are the best for their intended purpose.

At Host Supplies, we have a team of dedicated professionals, most of whom have considerable experience of the commercial laundry and they understand the requirements of the industry very well. We stand 100% behind all the products we supply. We believe in maintaining value for money for our customers and are committed to providing the fastest, most efficient services.

Our product range includes:

  • Wokwear to suit every needs.
  • Table Linen in Mommie, Damask, Sateen and Caress amongst other fabrics.
  • Bed Linen in 100% cotton, 50/50 polycotton and 75/25 polycotton.
  • Blankets in 100% wool, Polar Fleece, 100% cotton cellular blanket and customer specified variety.
  • All our Towelling are made out of 100% cotton to provide maximum moisture absorption and comfort to the user
  • We also supply a vast variety of industrial range including MATS, WIPES, TEA TOWELS, APRONS, LAUNDRY BAGS and much more.
  • We make shopping bags to suit every need
  • We manufacture woven and other types of labels required in the textile industry

We have now diversified in to workwear, garments especially designed for the commercial laundry industry. Host Workwear’s mission is to offer corporate and industrial apparel that works for you. Host Workwear will provide apparel that are of the highest quality and value for money.

Our aim is to ensure that our client’s employees feel confident, comfortable and look professional in the work place at all times while projecting the unique image of their organization.  We also aim to supply exceptional customer service, as all our staff have an excellent knowledge of the uniform industry and act in a “hands on” capacity. We want to be the first in quality; first in service. We are, and will continue to be, innovators and leaders in the apparel industry, and will always operate with the highest professional and ethical standards.

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