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The Carrot vs. The Radish

Iron-Horse® mats are made of solution-dyed nylon fibers.  This means you can say "good-bye" to faded mats.  Why?  Because unlike conventional nylon fibers that are dyed on the outside only, solution-dyed nylon (SDN) fibers are dyed when the fiber is still in the molten state - so the dye goes all the way through.Fruits
The difference between SDN and conventionally-dyed nylon is like the difference between a carrot and a radish. The carrot is orange all the way through whereas the radish is red only on the outside.  Only Iron-Horse® solution-dyed mats have an 11-year limited warranty against significant color loss.
Iron-Horse® mats are offered in a variety of constructions to meet every need.
Iron Horse Mats           
Host carries following three colours in three sizes in stock.

Midnight Grey  
Blue Mist
Black Scarlet
Midnight Grey
Blue Mist
Black Scarlet

Standard Sizes (Nominal) 3’X5’, 4’X6’ and 3’X10’

Kleen-Tex carries the mats in 24 colours and Host can bring those in at request. Please visit Kleen-Tex website on following link to see others colours available.

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